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This is the gospel

LearningAnaleisa LathamComment

I've been using the She Reads Truth App and really enjoying it lately. Right now I'm doing the Genesis study, and today's reading was on the Tower of Babel. 

The people thought they could build a tower up to God. Their pride got in the way. And we aren't any different.

We want to plan our own ways and think we can get all the glory. 

"Let me control the day."
 "Let me hear the praise."
 "Let me dethrone you, God, so I can enthrone myself." 

But that's just not how it works. Yet why are we always surprised when things don't work the way we planned - the way WE think is best?

"In HIs kindness, God divorces us from our desire to separate from Him and marries our sin to the unity of grace. This is the gospel."