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So about May...

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May where did you go? 

It's been a blur, that's for sure.  

The new job is occupying every second of my time and taking every bit of energy I have. 

It's hard. I'm tired. I'm being pushed in ways that are so uncomfortable and yet so good. And I love it.  

The biggest lesson I'm learning in all this transition? The only thing holding me back from everything I want to achieve is my limiting beliefs about me. Believe you can and you will. 

I haven't forgotten you guys, promise. I'm still settling into this "new" groove and focusing all my efforts there. Once things level out I'll be back. 

Here's some motivation I'm holding on to right now. (Please, excuse the language. It really does communicate most effectively!) 


LOVE Project: April Re-cap

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How is today April 30? Whaa?!

Overall, I feel like April was a huge success for me in regard to my LOVE Project Goals. (You can read about them here.)

Did I finish everything? Nope. 
On some level, in my mind at least, that spells FAILURE in big letters just like that. 
In fact I haven't had a month yet where I've felt 100% success with my LOVE Project Goals. 
But I'm starting to be ok with that. 
And that's a big deal for me. 
That's why I feel like April was a success - for the first time since starting this project I've let it "be ok" that I couldn't do it all and be it all. 

Don't get me wrong. I still hate failure. 
But I'm learning my limits and learning to let things go.

April re-cap:

1. God: I kept up with my Bible reading. And I'm not just doing it to check a box - I'm enjoying it and learning from it. 

2. Husband: loving Steven more selflessly is a day-by-day thing. Somedays "it works" some days I'm so selfish I don't even try. (Yikes - did I just admit to that?!) 

3. Self: I failed miserably at the 10-minutes a day with nothing to do thing. Frankly, I just forgot most days. Maybe I need to put it on the calendar?
The healthy foods A to Z Challenge also didn't go so well. But it's ok. There's always next year. 

4. House: I didn't do any spring cleaning. There just wasn't time! 
I finished the 2013 Family Yearbook yesterday - score! Now to get it ordered...
I totally painted the jewelry armoire. All that remains is to seal and re-assemble it. 
I attempted Sophie's giraffe. It didn't really work. Not really at all. But I know how to correct the issues I faced and plan to give it another try soon!

I'll be talking about my goals for May tomorrow. See ya then!

LOVE Project Update - Jewelry Armoire

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Happy Friday!
I seriously wondered if Friday had forgotten to show up this week. Talk about a LONG 5 days!

But it's here and all is well again.

April's LOVE Project goals included painting the jewelry armoire.


This is a special piece for me; it belonged to my grandmother. She's had it as long as I can remember, and I have great memories of peering into it with her looking at all the fun things it contained.

I chose to use milk paint and am loving the look so far!  




I have a polycrylic finish to paint over the entire piece as a protectant/sealant and then it'll be ready to reassemble. 

I'm so excited to bring it into our home and fill it with my jewelry. Maybe one day my granddaughter will share the same memories with me! 

I'll be sure to share photos of the finished piece!