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Quit beating yourself up

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We watched this in a team meeting earlier this week and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. 

To me it's a powerful reminder to quit focusing on the things I wish were different about the way I look and focus on who God made me and how I appear to Him. Afterall, that's where my true identity lies. 

"I should be more grateful of my natural beauty. It impacts the choices of friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children. It impact everything."

Inspired Weekly | ed. 9

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Howdy! And welcome to another edition of Inspired Weekly!

Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything seems overwhelming to you? That's so me this week. It started with the dirty hallway floors and has been all downhill from there. And sure I know the reasons and I've identified the causes (other than just the dirty floors), but let's be honest...that doesn't change the feeling a whole lot. 

*sigh* the weekend WILL come!

In the meantime here are a couple things to share today that I've been inspired by of late. 

DIY Pet Food Tray by Thrifty Decor Chick

Ever since this post from back in February I've been contemplating a food station solution for Cooper. Right now we have this plastic mat that his bowls sit on, but it's forever getting wet and smelly underneath. How this happens, I do not know. I've asked and he just refuses to tell me. I've been looking at a few things Steven and I could build but this actually seems it would work decently well for the space we currently have (which isn't much!). Also, I love how it's painted and classy and seems relatively easy to put together. 

Crafting for Baby - Softy Giraffe from My Farm Life Diary

Someday Crafts has published a recent series of "Crafting for Baby." I've kept a close eye on these posts as we are soon to have another little one join our family. 

And no, it's not mine. 

Kara, my sister, is expecting little Sophie in mid-May. 


This picture was from 2 weeks ago - 31 weeks along. Doesn't she look great?! 

Anyway, I think this little giraffe seems like a perfect welcome gift from this Auntie...
And I'm thinking purples and greens (since that's the color her nursery will be)!
7ish weeks to get this done...I think that'll work just fine!


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Inspired Weekly | ed. 8

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This week I've really been focusing on buckling down on my March LOVE Project goals that I wrote about here

It just so happens that two of the things I'm sharing today are directly related to two of those goals! Funny how that ended up...and totally a coincidence too! 

10 Tips for Painting Furniture Like a Pro - from Lovely, etc

(Be sure to click through to see the other pieces accompanying this post - all so beautiful!)
I've painted furniture before, but it's never been *perfect*. I'm excited to get started on the three pieces I have on my list, and I'll definitely be referencing this post again for some direction. 

Next is this post on creating family memory books by Every Day Cheer.

Aren't these great?! I didn't know there was a "Blog to Book" option AND I had never heard of Blurb either. I won't be going this direction this year, but it's a good option to keep in the back of my mind. 
I've been "working" on our 2013 memory book for, ooooo, three months now. I've got to kick it into gear and get that off my list. Having these for years to come and passing them down as heirlooms someday is such a fun thought!

And finally, completely unrelated to anything I'm working on, I stumbled across an Etsy shop this week that's too great not to share. It's called Olive and Birch Printables and you have got to check it out! I've been scheming for over a year now how to incorporate "printables" into my my home decor, specifically to reflect seasons and holidays (something that can be easily changed out, often). This shop totally brought that back to mind! (Psst...this print is my fav!)


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