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Spring Wreath

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A miracle happened yesterday! My sister showed me how to do something crafty!

If you know the two of us at all you know that I'm normally the artsy one doing the Pinterest projects and attempting the "crafty" things. Kara is talented in many areas, but not so much in the artistic department. 

But when she posted this Pinterest-inspired wreath that she made a few months back I knew I needed to have her show me how she did it.  




So we trekked over to Hobby Lobby, bought the needed supplies and got to work. 

I don't have a full tutorial to post for two reasons: 1) there's already a great one here (the one my sister used to create hers) and 2) it's too easy to take the time to write one out.  

I chose a mustard yellow burlap. It's bright and springy, and I also knew it would look great against my green front door.  


Kara ended up doing most of the work. I labor, what can I say? (On second thought she did eat the rest of the ice cream we had in the freezer so it wasn't entirely free...)

Sidenote: she's 30 weeks pregnant. Looks great, right?!



I think it took us about 30 minutes to complete.


The finishing touch was some brightly colored felt flowers which we attached with floral wire. 


And there it is! It's big, it's bright, and I love it! 

All together it cost about $30. The flowers were half off on sale and we used two 40% off coupons on the burlap ribbon (she used one and I used one). 

Do you have a spring wreath?  I would love to hear about it!