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Beautiful to Me

Beautiful to Me | no. 009

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

Happy almost weekend!

I hope you've been looking around for beautiful things this week. *Brace yourself* I haven't really been. Just one of those weeks (and don't even pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about). 

However, don't you beautiful radar came through after all and I've got some stuff for ya anyway!

One I came across today. We'll just call it serious home-decor envy - the kind of envy that would totally lead me to do something crazy like drop everything and just move in to this house that doesn't even belong to me. Yikes! But do you see what I mean? Young House Love just knows what's up! (Click on any photo below and view the other images posted today. I promise, you won't be sorry.)

Moving along.
Have you heard of Jordan Maunder?
I hadn't either until a few weeks ago.
Her photography knocks my socks off. 
Especially this wedding.

And let's just talk about the wedding details...
...the yellow bridesmaids dresses
...the rustic/outdoor vibe
...the emotion on the groom's face
...the twig trellis at the front of the church
LOVING this!

We don't have much planned this weekend because we planned to have no plans. 
Whatever you're up to I hope it's wonderful!

Beautiful to Me | no. 008

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

Happy Friday!

Today's post is a quick one - we're headed to ATL this weekend to help some friends move and can't wait to get outta town!

Totally planning a place for this in our "someday house". Can you even imagine the dreaming and scheming that could take place in this seat? In love!

Pretty sure this one needs very little explaining. Amazing closet organization. Amazing clothes. Amazing accessories. Big *green with envy* moment happening here. 

 from the  Tsevenusa shop  on Etsy

from the Tsevenusa shop on Etsy

Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves cute cases for her iPhone?! I've had my current one for several months now and this adorable owl caught my eye! Check out the Tsevenusa shop on Etsy for more awesome cases like this one. 

Beautiful to Me | no. 007

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

Happy Friday everyone!

Next week is Spring Break!  I can't believe it's here already, but I am thrilled! It's got me thinking about travelling...I'm not travelling but, hey, a girl can dream!
Where would I go? So glad you asked...I'd have to say that any of these Most Charming Places in the World would be pretty satisfactory as a vacay. BUT my favorite would be Colmar, France. Sit by the river...sip some french press...I can almost feel it!

I'm totally loving this china. I mean birds? Who would have thought...but it's so unique and beautiful. I saw it first here at Comfy in the Kitchen.

And last, but my favorite for this week, can we all just take a minute to swoon over this green couch from Kara Paslay Designs? This woman is a wonder and you've got to read her post on it.

Happy Weekend! If you care to share, I'd love to see what beautiful things you've been seeing!