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Say “cheese!”

Family, #elliottgrahamAnaleisa LathamComment

Elliott said “cheese” for the camera for the first time last night. It was for Granddad’s Nikon so, who knows, maybe he recognized it as a camera rather than us just taking pics with our phones all the time!  


I just can’t believe how much he’s turning into a little boy! They say it goes fast and you just have no idea what that means until you experience it!  

A few other things of late:

  • I’ve started teaching him how to dress himself as of just a few days ago
  • He LOVES to help. Laundry, trash, putting my shoes away, feeding the dog, picking up toys - whatever the task he’s always ready. 
  • He started some imaginative play recently with his stuffed animals: making them talk to each other, drink from his cup, tickling his bear. It’s just the cutest!