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Day Date in Hendersonville

Analeisa LathamComment

Today we took a trip up to Hendersonville!

Lunch was at West First Wood-fired Pizza. I've heard so many great things about this place but we hadn't gotten to check it out yet. It did not disappoint! 

After lunch we walked down Main St. in Hendersonville and visited a few shops; and we picked up a few books for Elliott at one of the thrift stores we popped into. 

Then it was a quick stop at Skytop for apples and (mainly) apple donuts. The place seemed almost deserted on a weekday and it was fantastic! 

Of course we had to pose for a "How Tall This Fall?" photo. I can't wait to take Elliott's picture here and watch him grow through the years. 

I'm thankful to have this extra time together before Steven starts back up to work - such great memories to cherish!