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3 Months with Elliott Graham

#elliottgraham, FamilyAnaleisa LathamComment

This handsome fella is 3 months old today. Seriously - where is the time going?  


The smiles are more plentiful and come unprompted. The laughs are turning into the sweetest giggles. He's rolling from tummy to back but hasn't made it the other direction yet.  

He enjoys his doorway jumper (smiles at the stuffed hippo and glares at the zebra!) and is making peace with tummy time.  

He's talking up a storm and I just wish we could understand what he's saying to us!

This kid is an absolute dream. He only cries when he'd rather not be napping and fusses if you don't get the milk into his mouth fast enough. Other than that he's content and happy.  

Keep on growing, sweet boy. Momma loves you more every day!