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2 Months with Elliott Graham

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I'm pretty sure I'll start every monthly photo post for EGL with "My goodness how is he already X months old?!"

But seriously...

My goodness how is he already 2 months old?!

A few developmental highlights of the past month:
- blowing bubbles
- not a fan of tummy time but is doing amazingly well with head control
- just in the past few days he's started to vocalize a good bit
- the giggles...o the giggles...they aren't consistent and there are usually only about two at a time but they're becoming more and more frequent
- sleeping through the night and also really getting the hang of nap time. We did have a pretty big nap fight around week 6, and I think part of it was we were trying to force the crib too early. Now we do the Rock n Play for all but one or two naps per day. He goes right down, sometimes fusses a little, will occasionally fuss during the course of the nap, but almost always soothes himself back to sleep! #winning #babywise

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at him and think about how blessed we are!