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So about May...

LOVE Project, Life Love, MotivationAnaleisa LathamComment

May where did you go? 

It's been a blur, that's for sure.  

The new job is occupying every second of my time and taking every bit of energy I have. 

It's hard. I'm tired. I'm being pushed in ways that are so uncomfortable and yet so good. And I love it.  

The biggest lesson I'm learning in all this transition? The only thing holding me back from everything I want to achieve is my limiting beliefs about me. Believe you can and you will. 

I haven't forgotten you guys, promise. I'm still settling into this "new" groove and focusing all my efforts there. Once things level out I'll be back. 

Here's some motivation I'm holding on to right now. (Please, excuse the language. It really does communicate most effectively!)