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LOVE Project: April Re-cap

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

How is today April 30? Whaa?!

Overall, I feel like April was a huge success for me in regard to my LOVE Project Goals. (You can read about them here.)

Did I finish everything? Nope. 
On some level, in my mind at least, that spells FAILURE in big letters just like that. 
In fact I haven't had a month yet where I've felt 100% success with my LOVE Project Goals. 
But I'm starting to be ok with that. 
And that's a big deal for me. 
That's why I feel like April was a success - for the first time since starting this project I've let it "be ok" that I couldn't do it all and be it all. 

Don't get me wrong. I still hate failure. 
But I'm learning my limits and learning to let things go.

April re-cap:

1. God: I kept up with my Bible reading. And I'm not just doing it to check a box - I'm enjoying it and learning from it. 

2. Husband: loving Steven more selflessly is a day-by-day thing. Somedays "it works" some days I'm so selfish I don't even try. (Yikes - did I just admit to that?!) 

3. Self: I failed miserably at the 10-minutes a day with nothing to do thing. Frankly, I just forgot most days. Maybe I need to put it on the calendar?
The healthy foods A to Z Challenge also didn't go so well. But it's ok. There's always next year. 

4. House: I didn't do any spring cleaning. There just wasn't time! 
I finished the 2013 Family Yearbook yesterday - score! Now to get it ordered...
I totally painted the jewelry armoire. All that remains is to seal and re-assemble it. 
I attempted Sophie's giraffe. It didn't really work. Not really at all. But I know how to correct the issues I faced and plan to give it another try soon!

I'll be talking about my goals for May tomorrow. See ya then!