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C is for Chia | A to Z Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge, Health+FitnessAnaleisa LathamComment

I'd been wanting to try Chia seeds for awhile when my MIL gave me some for Christmas. I'm still working on getting through my first bag, but I'm loving them.

Interestingly enough, chia is part of the mint family and the seeds can be either black or white.

Two of the most important benefits:
Support digestive health - 1 ounce of chia seeds as 1/3 the amount of daily recommended fiber for adults
Provide omega-3 fatty acids - this brain-boosting cholesterol-clearing good fat is not produced by the body so it's important to consume things that have it.

I have enjoyed chia seeds in my smoothies or mixed into yogurt or overnight oats. You can also sprinkle them on salads and use them in baking recipes. 

This post by Wellness Mama is a great resource on 10 uses for Chia Seeds. 

Do you have any favorite uses for Chia seeds?