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LOVE Project: April

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

April has 30 days and I'm hopeful that I'll accomplish my list below. 
Maybe weekly status updates will motivate me? Who knows...but I'll give it a try. Check back each Tuesday to see how I'm doing.

1. God//keep up with my One Year Plan (tomorrow starts day 93!); continue my book study with Sara

2. My Husband//continue to find specific ways to serve him; I feel like I failed in this goal last month, and I think its because I made this measurable in my head but not on paper. I plan to find some resources that others have written that speak to this in the coming month and move forward from there. 

3. Myself//since March came and went without fulfilling my plan of 10 minutes a day of absolutely nothing, I'm back at it with that! Also, I'm taking part in a blog challenge to educate myself on healthy foods. You can read more about that here

4. Our House//

Ready?! Go!


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