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A to Z | April Blog Challenge

Health+Fitness, Blog ChallengeAnaleisa Latham2 Comments

One of the things I've learned in my short 4 months of blogging is that sometimes it's really hard to come up with "stuff".

When I started Living Atelier my main goals were 1) self expression and 2) a memory of "us". But those things don't always fill the page, so-to-speak. 

In February I did a blog challenge. Most of the topics were centered around getting to know me better. That was fun and got me in a good blogging rhythm. So I've decided to do another challenge in April called A to Z. (You can learn more about this challenge here.)

I've kinda been racking my brain for a topic - something that relates to my current season of life that will also be an educational experience for me. And today, the light bulb turned on!

Health Foods. Super Foods. Basically, foods that are good for you and what makes them good. And maybe, if you're lucky, I'll throw in a recipe here or there. 
Don't expect breaking new science research or anything you couldn't research and find elsewhere. Like I said - this is an educational experience for me (and anyone else who cares to come along for the ride). 

If I was an awesome planner I'd have the list laid out for you.
Yeah...not happening. 

Later on today I'll be posting A and B (you know, since I'm already a day behind and everything).