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LOVE Project: March

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa Latham2 Comments

How is it March 4 already? where is this year going? 
Anyone else out there feel that way?

My March LOVE Project goals have been floating around my head, but I haven't yet had time to share them with you. 

1. God
Keeping up with my One Year plan is the main goal in this category again - as it will be every month of the year! I'm happy to say that as of today I'm on track!
Also, my friend Sara has asked me to go through a book study with her. She's in Indy so we'll be doing it online. Can't wait to get started on that!

2. My Husband
With real estate school coming to an end THIS WEEK (!) I'm really excited to have more time and energy to give to him. 
In March I want to focus on finding specific ways to serve him in hopes of helping me focus less on how he can serve me. 

3. Myself
As I already mentioned my real estate licensing class ends this week! Right now I can't see beyond...I refuse to look beyond that...that so I'm not really sure what my goals in this category for this month will be. More to come...

4. Our House
Here's my list for the house in March:

  • 2013 Family Yearbook completed (been working on this for 3 months...whoops...)
  • Spring Cleaning 
  • Bedroom Bookcase painting started
  • Paint selected and purchased for jewelry armoire and entry way table
  • Easter/Spring Decor 

Questions for you:
What are some specific, daily things you do to serve your husband?
Do you have a spring cleaning list? 


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