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LOVE Project Recap: March

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

March re-cap (here was my original March post if you're interested):

1. God
I'm on track with my One Year plan and really enjoying it. 
I'm starting the book study with Sara TODAY!
Success in this category!

2. My Husband
The goal was to find specific way to serve Steven//focusing less on how he can serve me.
I'd say this was hit or miss and more miss than hit. Ever feel like setting out to do something makes you family even more?! I plan for this to be a continuing focus.

3. Myself
The goal was 10 minutes a day spent doing absolutely nothing.
I succeeded for one day. 
No, I'm not kidding.
This will appear in April's goals as well...

4. Our House

  • 2013 Family Yearbook completed (been working on this for 3 months...whoops...)
    Guess what?! I'm not done. BUT I am happy to say I've actually made real, measurable progress. I've done up until April 2013. Totally didn't realize how time intensive this project actually is! I think I'm in a groove now and it shouldn't be a problem to wrap this up in April. 
  • Spring Cleaning 
    Nope, not done here either. I made a nice plan but it hasn't been executed yet. 
  • Bedroom Bookcase painting started
    Check! Photo proof! And., as of yesterday, I've officially finished the painting on this piece. Just waiting for it to dry and decide if I will coat it with a layer of polyurethane. 
  • Paint selected and purchased for jewelry armoire and entry way table
    Done! Check out the post about this here.
  • Easter/Spring Decor
    Sorta done. I finished my Easter chalkboard on Saturday, I put up a Spring Wreath, and I have a few other ideas bouncing around in my head. Good thing Easter isn't until late in the month, right?!

Tomorrow I'll post April's goals. See ya then!