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weekend wonderful | 03.24.2014

Life LoveAnaleisa LathamComment

This past weekend was pretty busy and filled with much fun. 

On Saturday we attended (I participated, Steven spectated (is that a word? who cares...)) in the wedding of a family friend. I posted about her shower here, and her wedding invitations here.

The venue was a little chapel located at Lake Robinson. Outside the chapel is a small gazebo where Kristin and Bryan said their vows.  


It ceremony was short, sweet and beautiful. And I felt privileged to have a small part - providing the music. 


I'm so happy for these two and wish them nothing but the best as they begin their lives together!

Later that evening, Steven and I attended an opera in town. 


Sunday was church and family time afterwards. The rest of the afternoon we used to catch up on some of our favorite shows - Scandal and Suits. (Speaking of which...I JUST found out that the real life Olivia Pope from Scandal is preggers! How did I miss THAT?!) 

Sunday evening we went to a surprise birthday party for one of Steven's co-workers. We had a great time hanging out with some seriously hilarious people!


Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours!