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Bridal Shower Bonanza

Life LoveAnaleisa LathamComment

Yesterday was quiet on the blog due to the fact that my Mom and I hosted two bridal showers. Both went off without a hitch but, needless to say, it was a busy day!


The first was for a dear family friend that I've known since the day I was born. Her parents and my parents are best buds. They ended up with four children, two of which are close in age to my sister and myself. And the rest is pretty much true friend history. 

Krisin, the bride, is engaged to a guy from Little Rock, Arkansas. The hog hat she's wearing was a gift from my dad yesterday. Coincidentally he's from the same town Dad grew up in! Kristin and Bryan's wedding is March 22 and we're all so excited them. 


The second shower was also for a girl I grew up with. Her family goes to church with my parents. Barbi is marrying a Navy Seal. Pretty cool, huh?! Their wedding is May 10 in Virginia Beach. 

Overall it was a great day seeing friends and catching up!