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I'm pretty excited about these two things that have occurred in my life in the past week. 

We sat for our CWP's back in November and mine came in the mail last week. 
And since Steven figured I need a W to C he bought me my first ever gun. 
For any that may care, it's a Ruger LCR. We decided on a revolver for its ease of use and this particular revolver because it's one of the most lightweight ones on the market (or so my husband tells me). 

To be perfectly honest I never in a million years ever imagined that news like this would be exciting to me. But I guess that goes to show you that marriage certainly changes people! 


A few disclaimers:
Just because I now have a CWP does not mean I will always C a W. 
Just because I have expressed my personal opinion on this subject does not mean I am judging you for your personal opinion on said subject.