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Beautiful To Me | no. 005

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

I have something slightly different for you this Friday. No pretty pictures, but instead, some great reads, all beautiful in their own way. 

16 Things We Forget to Thank Our Moms For
Read it and be thankful. It's beautiful and such a good reminder of the blessing of a mother. 

A giraffe you say? Yes. A giraffe that will enjoy breakfast with you - and this is not a joke. 
16 Hotels That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever.
And I just added 16 places to my bucket list.

And finally, from Runner's World, The Year's Best Half Marathons. The destination photos are gorgeous but I'm sure, as with most beautiful places, the pictures don't do it justice. And there's really no better way to explore new places than to run them. 

What have your eyes been finding this week?