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Inspired Weekly | ed. 4

InspiredAnaleisa LathamComment

I can't believe it's Thursday again and time for another edition of Inspired Weekly! Enjoy!

These Handpainted Towels from That's My Letter are just too adorable. How great would these be for a bride-to-be or at a housewarming party? And we won't even mention how cute these would be in my kitchen! The tutorial is great and looks super do-able and *bonus* she says these are 100% washable.

Thrifty Decor Chick has an entire post dedicated to "The Feeding Station" that caught my eye. We are big lovers of furry-friends and I'm thinking Cooper would totally dig his own special space. (See what I did there?! ha!) I love the built-into-an-island look, but it's not super practical for us since, well since we don't have an island! She pictures a few of the stand alone variety which the Hubster and I could totally tackle in an afternoon. 


And lastly, this XO Wreath from Making Home Base is just precious. Next year...

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