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From Me to Me - Valentines Day edition

Life LoveAnaleisa LathamComment

In thinking about Valentines Day upcoming, I pulled together a few ideas of gifts that I would buy for me. Basically, these are my "favorite things" of late. 

Mia Initial Leather Passport Cover

I wish I traveled enough to NEED this. But I don't. Doesn't mean I can't want it. 

I Love You Slated Wood Sign

I'm pretty sure this would go perfectly with the anniversary painting I just finished up. I haven't taken measurements but I'm fairly certain it's the same size and would fit perfectly over the opposite bedside table. 

Gold Leaf Necklace

I've been having serious gotta-have-it envy over this necklace for quite some time. Only problem is that it's sold out. I keep checking back to see if another one pops up for sale. (This is one I may just have to grab myself.)

Sigma Essential Kit 

Because who wouldn't want more makeup brushes?!

What's on your V-Day list?