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A piece of advice you have for others {February Blog Challenge}

Blog ChallengeAnaleisa LathamComment

Don't settle.

Don't settle in school.

Study. Study hard. Get good grades. It does matter.

Don't pick bad friends. Pick friends who are loyal. Pick friends who are kind. Pick friends who love Jesus. They will shape who you are becoming. They will shape the rest of your life. 

Don't settle at your job.

If you hate it find something else. Being miserable in the place you're at for 40+ hours a week isn't cool. Trust me. 

If you're not using your talents get out. When you don't use it you will lose it. 

If you're not appreciated don't stay. Wise employers value the people they hire. They listen. They care. They want you to be better. That's the kind of boss you want to work for.

Don't settle in marriage.

Wait for the right one. Don't waste your time on the wrong one. I never believed it when people "when you know, you just know" until the day it happened to me. 

Don't settle in your marriage.

Don't take your spouse for granted. Communicate. If you can't say, with honesty, that marriage is the best thing that's ever happened to you, then you have some work to do. 

I've learned most of this the hard way. But it's made me who I am today and is shaping my tomorrow. 

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