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"What do you do?" {February Blog Challenge}

Blog ChallengeAnaleisa LathamComment

The full title of today's post is "You can't answer this question with your job. 'What do you do?'"

I've decided the only way to tackle this loaded question is with a bullet list. 

  • I love and worship Jesus. I am not perfect (nor do I really wish I was because if I was I would know nothing of Grace). 
  • I partner in life with Steven. He is quite literally the perfect man for me. In fact when I start to name the ways in which this perfection exists, I get overwhelmed with pure thankfulness that Someone created a match so incredibly tailored to me.
  • I love on a wonderful family consisting of 1) parents who brought me up in a Godly home 2) a sister who is one of my very best friends, is married to a smart man, and introduced me to the joys of "Auntie-hood" by bringing Kate (and soon Sophie!) into the world 3) wonderful in-laws who have welcomed me into their family as one of their own
  • I run. I have run one marathon, two half-marathons and several smaller races. 
  • I drink coffee. Lots of it. I like flavored coffee but rarely get to indulge in it (Steven doesn't love it). 
  • I design. Invitations, programs, ads, postcards, books and so much more!
  • I cook and bake. And I wish I had more time to do both!

I bet I could come up with more if I thought on it for longer. But, these things that I "do" are calling me.

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