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LOVE Project: February

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

Yesterday i re-capped my successes and failures of January's LOVE Project goals. Today I promised some February plans. So here you are!

1. God: keep on keeping on with the YouVersion One-Year Bible plan. 

I made 2 amazing discoveries regarding the wonders of YouVersion this week: there's an in-app audio feature that it will read selected passages aloud (perfect for in the car) AND there's a complete web version as well (which also includes audio and I could listen to while working). I think the combination of these new-to-me things will be even more helpful in keeping me on track with my goal to read through the Bible in a year.

2. Husband: with it being the month of ooie-gooey-mushy love stuff (aka Valentines) I have a few things up my sleeve. However, in the interest of surprises, I will not discuss these things yet since the Hubster will no doubt be snooping around here. Stay tuned...

3. Myself: for February I'm just focusing on my class. Gotta pass that test that's coming...

4. House...I'll have a post on this later today...

Do you set monthly goals? What's your method for staying on track?

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