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LOVE Project: January Re-cap

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

I might be a few days late but here's the progress I made in January on my 2014 LOVE Project.

I laid out some overall categories here.
Then I got "down and dirty" with more tangible goals here, here and here.

How'd I do? 
1. My God: I'm up to date in my daily Bible reading and it's become part of my daily routine. Sometimes I miss a day and have to make it up. Sometimes I miss two days. But I'm on track today and that's what's important. 

2. My Husband: I posted about words of affirmation here and I've been trying to think on those things each day. I've even gone back to the list multiple times just to check-in. I'm not perfect and there have been plenty of times that I've been short-tempered, irritable and selfish in the past month. But I'm working on it and it's constantly on my mind and in my prayers.

3. Myself: I went back to school and, other than the 15 hour days (work+school) I'm loving it. It's interesting material and I feel like I'm learning a ton of great new stuff. (One of these days I'll get around to explaining the purpose of this venture.) I'm loving myself and enriching my mind.

4. My House: This category was my biggest downfall. I'm thinking my goals (here) were maybe a bit lofty. They seemed well and good and had I not started a class mid-way through the month I think I would have succeeded. I've gotten most of the painting done on the mirror, most of the Valentines decor is up, and I have pulled photos for the family year book. But none are complete.
I did, however, complete this and I'm pretty jazzed about it (even though it definitely wasn't on my list and probably posed another hindrance to my pre-set goals.)

Overall on the success scale I would give myself a 7.5 and an A+ for effort. As much as I'd love for you all to believe it, I am not superwoman. I do need to get better about saying "no." And I need to pay better attention to my limits. It's a work in progress.

Check back tomorrow for February's plans!

Questions for today:
Are you keeping up with your New Years' Resolutions (or whatever you're calling them)?
What best practices can you give for learning to say "No?"