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LOVE Project Recap: February

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

I'm kinda struggling to not feel like a failure as I write this post. I'm such a goal-driven person and when I fall short it just eats me up!

Let's talk House LOVE first:

LOVE Project House Plans Graphic.jpg
  • The Yearbook isn't finished. Honestly, it's just hard to put an entire year into a book. But I'm not giving up. You'll see this in my March goals (kinda like you did in January...ughhhh...)
  • Valentines Decor was up by Valentines Day! (I think maybe the day before, but hey, I did say before.) The major fail here? O yeah, that's right, I have NO PICTURES of any of it. Does it count if I promise that what I did was at least cute?! 
  • The Chalkboard was my major score this month. You can read about it here.
  • I'm not doing March house decor even though I dreamed up some fantastic ideas. I've got to focus my efforts elsewhere for the next couple of weeks. And by then it's getting towards the middle of the month...yada, yada, yada. (I'm learning my limits and where to draw lines.)
  • I'm 90% set on the entry way table color but, in a fashion that's o so true of me, I just can't quite pull the trigger. 


As far as the other category goals go here's what I outlined to accomplish:

God: keep on keeping on with the YouVersion One-Year Bible plan. 

Update: I'm happy to say I am up-to-date here. We're in Leviticus right now...I tell you what, that is one tough book. BUT the audio feature in the app has been a major game changer and I'm really enjoying listening to the daily passages on my drive in every day.

Husband: with it being the month of ooie-gooey-mushy love stuff (aka Valentines) I have a few things up my sleeve. However, in the interest of surprises, I will not discuss these things yet since the Hubster will no doubt be snooping around here. Stay tuned...

Update: Major fail with anything Valentines related for Steven. I excuses. It just didn't happen. But love doesn't have to be expressed on February 14 only. 

Myself: for February I'm just focusing on my class. Gotta pass that test that's coming...

Update: I'll know whether my studying has paid off or not on Thursday. Thursday is test day! 

Tomorrow starts a new day and a new month. I'm not quitting!

How do you deal with the reality of not accomplishing your goals?


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