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Beautiful to Me | no. 007

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

Happy Friday everyone!

Next week is Spring Break!  I can't believe it's here already, but I am thrilled! It's got me thinking about travelling...I'm not travelling but, hey, a girl can dream!
Where would I go? So glad you asked...I'd have to say that any of these Most Charming Places in the World would be pretty satisfactory as a vacay. BUT my favorite would be Colmar, France. Sit by the river...sip some french press...I can almost feel it!

I'm totally loving this china. I mean birds? Who would have thought...but it's so unique and beautiful. I saw it first here at Comfy in the Kitchen.

And last, but my favorite for this week, can we all just take a minute to swoon over this green couch from Kara Paslay Designs? This woman is a wonder and you've got to read her post on it.

Happy Weekend! If you care to share, I'd love to see what beautiful things you've been seeing!