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Something you've been told about yourself you'll never forget {February Blog Challenge}

Blog ChallengeAnaleisa LathamComment

You can do it.

It's super generic. It could be used in any instance. It could be said to anyone. 

Everyone probably has heard it.
Everyone needs to hear it.
And it often rings in my ear.

You can do it.

When I'm on that 5, 6, 8, 10, 13 mile run.
When I think I'm dying in my group exercise class and want to quit.

When I'm nervous about that job interview.
When I don't think I have time to complete a project at work.

You can do it.

When I don't feel like reading my Bible because I'm tired. 
When I don't feel like doing the right thing or confronting an issue.

When I don't feel like writing a blog post because it feels too transparent.
When I don't feel like going to an event because it's outside my comfort zone.

You can do it.

When was the last time you encouraged someone with this phrase?
You can do it.


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