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What are you reading? {February Blog Challenge}

Blog ChallengeAnaleisa LathamComment

What am I reading?

The One Year Bible Plan via the YouVersion app. Each day you have an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage and some verses from Psalms and Proverbs, Often I listen to it in the app on my way in to work.

My real estate class textbook. I seem to be reading this a lot these days. in fact, it's keeping me from other things I want to read!

Each day I keep up with a variety of blogs on Feedly. And yes, I do consider that "reading."

I just finished up Divergent. It was good, but I liked the Hunger Games series better. Maybe the movie will be more enjoyable? 
And I do plan to read the others in the series.

I have a GoodReads account if you care to see what else I plan to read in the near future. 

What are YOU reading?


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