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Beautiful to Me | no. 006

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

This week's Beautiful to Me is, plain and simply, full of "stuff."


This pink stone necklace from The Shine Project is only one of my favorites from their shops. They have bracelets too! Really, I'd wear anything they're selling. And, it's all for a good cause.

I've got Toms envy really badly this week. I have a pair of these Desert Wedges in suede and I wear them all the time. They're super cute and o so comfy. And I'm going to need a pair for summer. I'm thinking these would do the trick.
Also, really loving these and these

These came in the mail yesterday and they're perfect. 
Don't look at the price. Definitely didn't pay that much...thank you Amazon!
Why new sunglasses, you say? We had an unfortunate car vandalism situation this past weekend. My wallet, Steven's GPS, our spare keys...they left all that. What did they take? Sunglasses. Lots of sunglasses. 5 pairs of sunglasses (don't judge). 
Thankfully, insurance kicked in and we both got new pairs at no cost to us and some to spare! 

That's it for today! Do you have a favorite from the above?
Happy Weekend!