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Inspired Weekly | ed. 6

InspiredAnaleisa LathamComment

Since the snow last week had us home several days, this week feels exceptionally busy. And, along that, I have felt exceptionally uninspired. 

But I still have a few things to show you today that I'd like re-create for myself one of these days.

We are in desperate need of some new pillow for the living room couch. The ones that currently reside there are suffering from a combination of dog hair overload and just general I've-had-them-for-forever-ness. 

I don't know about you but when I am out and about and find some that I think would match well I am always shocked at the price! And since I have some pillow forms that need clothes and a home, I think something close to these above would be awesome. 

 Split-Photo Wall Art by House of Hoff

Split-Photo Wall Art by House of Hoff

More than once I've found myself with a huge wall to fill with art and not much money to do so. This is a great solution! Inexpensive and relatively easy too! 

I am in love with these bowls. Super creative, super unique, super beautiful. I think playing off of this idea with similar bowls would be so fun. 

What do you think? Inspired by any of these like I was?


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