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The Story of Us: Engagement

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Yesterday, I took a little walk down memory lane remembering the story of how Steven and I met. That boy...he stole my heart and still does every day. 

Steven proposed to me on June 22, 2012. It was the most perfect day, and I can't help but smile like a silly school girl whenever I think about it. 

About 3 weeks before, he went to lunch with my dad to ask for his blessing on our marriage. My parents loved Steven pretty much from the beginning so this was more of a formality, really. Dad prayed with Steven that day and asked him to give him some time to pray about it. You have to understand that my Dad is a very methodical guy. He takes his time making decisions, thinks through them very thoroughly, and also looks to the Lord to give him a word through his Scripture reading. 

A week went by, no answer. Another week...still no answer. 

I started to get antsy and brought it up to Mom one day. She assured me nothing was wrong but that Dad just didn't feel like he had a confident answer from God. 

Another week went by and finally Dad called to ask Steven to meet. They met and Dad gave his permission.

Driving away from that meeting he called me up and asked if I wanted to go to dinner that evening. Of course I had a suspicion of what was about to happen; Steven already had the ring (and I knew it!). We had a great dinner at Ruth's Chris and afterwards he suggested we take a little walk in a nearby park, Hollingsworth.  

Pause for one second - on the drive over to the park I noticed him feeling for something in his pants pocket. I jokingly asked what he was doing (knowing full well he was feeling to be sure he still had the ring in his pocket). But he told me he was just scratching his leg...right...

The park, and the bench we sat on, was the place we had our first real "serious" relationship talk. (Another clue to me as to what was coming!) We chatted for a few minutes and then he turned the conversation to our relationship. I remember him telling me he had loved me for some specific number of days (can't remember the exact number) and that he wanted to multiply that number as long as he could. Then he got down on his knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring and put it on my finger. Somewhere in all that commotion I said yes. 

We sat there for a few minutes soaking in what had just happened, snapped a few pictures and then FaceTimed my sister to tell her.

When we walked back to the car, Steven pulled a letter from his pocket that my Dad had given him earlier that day. The letter reiterated his approval of our marriage and also promised Steven that he would be accepted into our family and loved like a son. Let me tell you...that'll bring some tears to your eyes.

After that we headed to my parents. I'm pretty sure my dad was shocked. He had JUST given his permission that day and didn't know Steven had the ring. But hey...why waste time, right?! We went from there to his parents and then to my Grandmother's. After that he took me home and we made a few phone calls to my close friends. It was all so surreal! 

He'd tell you he wished I had been more surprised, that I didn't know I had the ring.
But it's our story and that makes it perfect in every way. 

Here's a few pictures we snapped that day!