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Atelier - bridal showers, snow showers

In the StudioAnaleisa LathamComment

I'm here in my living room, snuggled up in my blanket with the Cooper by my side watching the snow fall in my backyard, soaking up every single second. Weather like this is hard to come by down South, and we're bracing for what they're saying could be a record setting storm. We'll see about that!

I thought I'd post a few things i've been working on.

My mom and I are hosting two bridal showers on the same day in March. (Yes, I did say two on the same day. Yes, I do know we're crazy.)  Below are the invitations for those events. And, coincidentally, both brides have chosen purple as a major wedding color which will make decorating for the shower a piece of cake. 


P.S. I'm still working on figuring out how to take pictures of my design work, and I do realize these kinda look terrible. How do get good pics without over-sharing stuff I don't want people to see like addresses, etc. Help?!