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Orange-Roasted Carrots with Honey

LOVE Project, Recipes and CookingAnaleisa LathamComment

One part of my 2014 LOVE Project is to LOVE myself more by taking care of my body. Along those lines one thing I plan to do this year is focus more on preparing balanced meals. I'm pretty good at cooking a few nights a week (and I do enjoy it), but the meals rarely contain vegetables - and that's really what I'm after.

So, last night I attempted Orange-Roasted Carrots with Honey for dinner. I used this recipe from Bon Appétit. (You can view step-by-step instructions here.)

Basically you cut up the carrots, add some olive oil, salt, pepper, orange juice and grated orange peel, toss these things together, put them in a foil packet and bake them for 10 minutes or so. Here's what mine looked like before they went into the oven.  

Atelier_Honey Orange Glazed Carrots 1.JPG

After the initial baking you drizzle them with some honey and then, uncovered, bake them for 10 more minutes at a higher temperature. 

I mentioned earlier that I attempted this recipe. I use that word for two reasons: first, they didn't quite turn out as the recipe stated they should (reason: I hate to measure, so I didn't measure...anything), and secondly because Steven wasn't a fan. (Quick side note: husband not liking vegetables isn't surprising. He shrieks, screams and runs from anything that looks or smells healthy. BUT he's usually pretty gracious and generous and I didn't even get a "they're ok" from him. Tough crowd...)

However, I enjoyed them. Though next time I do think I will measure. 
I served the carrots with Skinnytaste's Easiest Pasta and Broccoli . (This is an all-time favorite of ours. You can view the recipe here.)

Atelier_Honey Orange Glazed Carrots 2.JPG

Do you have a favorite carrot recipe?