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Wordy Word Word Word + LOVE Project

Life Love, LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

So, I keep seeing these posts about chosen words for 2014 and at first, gotta admit, I thought it was dumb. So cliche and just seemed silly.

But then I started thinking, if I chose a word, what would it be? I did a mental scroll through some of the resolutions I had stored up in my head and realized they all fit very neatly into one word.

So bam! Here we are. My 2014 word...


In 2014 I want to LOVE:

1. My God
There's so much to know about God - and the more I know the more I love. 
Tangibly makin' it happen: I've started a yearly Bible reading thorough the YouVersion app. And with my sister (who is reading the same plan through the app) keeping me accountable I'm off to a great start.

2. My Husband 
(Don't get me wrong. I do love the guy already - a whole lot, in fact!) 
Tangibly makin' it happen: by making an intentional effort to serve him more. In little things and big things.

3. Myself   
At the risk of sound selfish, I have come to realize this is actually a really important thing for me to focus on. I'm already pretty great at being self-centered (ask the Husband). In fact, I'd say that's probably my #1 life skill, unfortunately. But that's not what I'm taking about. 
I'm talking about being kinder to myself - physically and mentally. 
And here's the tangibly makin' it happen: 
Physically: learning to relax, take time for myself, take care of my body (more on this later or this post will turn into a saga).
Mentally: making myself stronger through reading, learning and self expression (aka keeping up with this blog). 

4. My House
Sounds crazy, huh? 
Tangibly makin' it happen: There are so many projects I want to do around the house. Things I've been putting off because of every reason you could possibly imagine. Nothing earth shattering or crazy expensive (that one's for you Babe, since I know you'll be reading this). Just some DIY stuff to make this place feel even more like a home and reflect my style. 

I'm turning this Word thing into a year long project - the LOVE Project. I'll be checking in with myself each month to see how my word is workin' out, so stay tuned!

Tell me: do you have a word?