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Tomorrow is my 28th birthday (yikes!). Knowing there would be no time to celebrate on the actual day, my family did everything they could to make a weekend of partying for me!

Party #1: Saturday lunch was celebration with Steven's parents. They took us to the Bavarian Pretzel Factory and then had dessert back at their house. They bought me an Omega Juicer, and I am in love with it. I'll probably be writing much more about this in the near future so stay tuned.

Party #2: After that we (stopped quickly at the store to buy some "stuff" to juice) headed home and Steven gave me his gift - a GHD Straightener that I had totally been eyeing. That boy...he is always listening to my every want (along with, of course, my needs) and usually finds a way to make whatever "it" is happen. Of course I immediately had to try out the straightener and, as suspected, it was (and is) wonderful.  


Party (but not really) #3: Saturday evening we had agreed to watch a friend's baby overnight - and what an adventure that turned out to be! The poor little guy was pretty congested and just generally unhappy in that circumstance. Consequently, we "partied" most of the night (though this party consisted mostly of crying and screaming).But all things considered, we did well and I am happy to report that everyone survived.  


Party #4: Sunday lunch was celebration with my parents. Mom made the most amazingly huge, deliciously tasting red velvet cheesecake. They had my wedding dress preserved as part of my birthday gift which I'm pretty excited about. I hope that one day we have a little girl who wants to play with it so having it well taken care of until that day is a pretty big deal to me. (And who knows, maybe she'll even want to wear it on her wedding day!)
The other gifts from my parents have sentimental significance.
Every year on our birthday we would receive the number of dollars reflecting our age in a birthday envelope from Mammaw. This year, my dad continued that tradition with a check from her account. I had to admit that I had tears in my eyes as I realized what it was. And I'm sure she was looking down from Heaven with a smiling nod of approval. 
The goose (pictured below) hung in my grandmother's garage for as long as I can remember. I had mentioned wanting it as a keepsake but had forgotten. Thankfully though, Dad had not. I'm not sure where we will hang it, but I'm happy to have a piece of her home to use in ours.


Overall it was an awesome weekend of celebration, and I think I'm now ready to turn a year older.

Do you have birthday traditions that you grew up with or are carrying out with your kids? I would love to hear about them!