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Beautiful to Me | no. 003

Beautiful to MeAnaleisa LathamComment

The end of another week...time sure flies!

A few lovelies for you today:

A Vintage Toolbox Charging Station (by The Happy Housie). I love the creativity of taking something so rough outdoorsy and turning it into this beautiful, useful "keep-it-all-together" box. 

This paint job deserves a jaw-drop every time you look at it. The time and energy that you know had to have gone into this
And I love that there's a tutorial. Maybe stripes are in my future? 

And, my personal favorite of the week - would you check out these shoes/the dress/flowers/car/suit? Such a great frame with so many gorgeous colors. I want to be there!

Beautiful to Me1.jpg

I hope you all have found some beauty around you this week that has inspired you and made you smile.