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Paint and Numbers

LOVE ProjectAnaleisa LathamComment

I'm so excited about today's post and showing you all what I was up to this past weekend. 

Awhile back (as in probably 2+ years ago) I found this great piece of wood at the cabin my husband's family owns. It was old and beat up and looked like at one point in its life it had probably been painted white. It was beautiful and I just knew it needed to come home with me.

Fast forward to present day and this beautiful board has just been hanging out in our garage. It had gotten moved around a few times when I went on "reorganize the garage rampages," but it hadn't really found its purpose yet. 

Until this past weekend! 

I found this post floating around Pinterest I knew that I had to try my hand at this DIY art - and I had just the piece of wood to attempt it on! 

After deciding to use our anniversary date - 12.21.12 - I printed the numbers from my computer in a font I thought would look nice and traced them onto the wood. Then I took a small paint brush and went to work.

Atelier_Paint and Numbers 1

It took some time, but in the end was well worth it! 

Atelier_Paint and Numbers 2
Atelier_Paint and Numbers 3
Atelier_Paint and Numbers

I love how it turned out and the imperfections in the wood just make it that much better. 
I can't wait to hang it!

What DIY Art projects have you attempted? I would love some more ideas!