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Date Night + Goals

Life Love, FamilyAnaleisa LathamComment

The Hubster and I took off on a date last night to do some 2014 planning.

We came up with some great goals for the New Year that we're really excited about. 

I won't go into specifics here (because that's a little over-sharing for me!) but I will say we split it up into 3 categories: financial, family and relational. And then, of course, we talked about our own personal goals as well. (I'll be talking about mine in another post in the next few days.) 

*The Starbucks we went to was housed in an old bank. We just had to sit in the bank vault (per Steven's wishes). Also, I'm pretty sure my eyes are closed in this picture. O well.

Do you make family goals?
Have you set your goals for the New Year?