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Lace Inspired

Analeisa LathamComment

A friend of mine who I have known since my childhood recently got engaged. I'm so excited for her and was incredibly honored when she asked if I would help with the design for her wedding. 

I got a sneak peak at her dress - it's absolutely gorgeous and covered in lace. We decided together to try to incorporate the lace theme into the details of the design for the invitation. And I'm so excited about this. 

I started looking around at various lace-inspired "things" and now am officially going lace crazy! Can't you see why? (Clicking on the images below will enlarge them.)

Lace for the walls!

Lace in the decor.

Lace in the kitchen - I think this sink is my favortie!

And of course, lace in the wardrobe

What's your favorite lace "thing"?

And what's inspired you this week?