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Reflecting on Favorite Memories - day 7

Analeisa LathamComment

Favorite Memories of 2013 are easy to pick out.

First, was the time we had to spend with Mammaw before she passed away. I'll always remember those days sitting next to her on her bed and just talking. We would talk about our day, what we did, and what we had for dinner. We would share stories from my sister about her sweet little girl. And we took lots of trips down memory lane. While Mammaw was slowly declining in health each day and constantly growing weaker, she always had a smile for me, would tell me how beautiful I was, and always made sure I knew how much she loved me. Those are some precious memories I will carry with me forever. 

The other favorite memories of this year include:

  • Steven started a new job - NOT in retail! 
  • a trip to Disney with my husbands family
  • our first ever trip to Kiawah Island with my family over July 4th. (Especially taking my two year old niece to see fireworks on the beach. She decided the blasts were shapes and rather loudly yelled out "Pentagon" or "Hexagon" (and more) when the colors erupted in the sky. It was pretty adorable!) 
  • our belated honeymoon to Murrells Inlet. Since we got married at Christmas time we didn't take a "real" honeymoon. We went away to a nearby Inn and stayed in a Cottage for two days. But our real trip we scheduled for October 2013. It was a great time of relaxation and we loved being together and "away from it all."
  • finding out I'm going to be an aunt again - my sister is expecting another little girl in May of 2014. 

and I could go on and on and on.

God blessed us so much in 2013!