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Things that Inspired - day 4

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One thing inspired me in 2013 more than anything else. 

A friend of mine from college started a publication called Trouvé. She and one of her friends wanted to start a magazine that "was equal parts good design and artistic inspiration, while admitting that life isn’t always “perfect”, and that there is beauty in the imperfections.

That's just what they did. It's beautiful and you have got to check it out!

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 4.46.20 PM.png

I'm inspired by this for two reasons:
First that they actually made it happen. I feel like all too often I have a grand idea but it gets forgotten or pushed aside - often because it just feels like so much work. But they had a dream and they made it reality. That's cool.
But also, you can't really browse the website or magazine without just plain being inspired - in life, in design, in DIY, in everything. The posts and articles, the people, the projects - it's all so creative. And it's contagious! 

Watching these girls succeed has opened up a whole new world of dreaming and believing for me. I have some great goals and dreams of my own bopping around in my head and I've been inspired to start making them come alive in 2014. 

What inspires you? (It doesn't just have to be something from this year...)