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Reflecting on People - day 11

Blog Challenge, Life LoveAnaleisa LathamComment

In continuation of my 12 Days of Christmas challenge, today is a reflection on people who influenced me this past year. 

The first, without a doubt, is my husband, Words cannot even express what I have learned from him in this first year of marriage. He has given to me the most beautiful picture of Christ and the Church. He loves me unconditionally, is so kind, gracious and patient with me and brings me unbelievable joy. God blessed me so much by bringing us together. 

The second is my Mom. This has been a hard year for her with the care my grandmother needed for the 3 months before she passed away. Every day, multiple times per day my mom drove to her house, took care of her needs and displayed the most beautiful grace and strength through it all. She had her moments of fear and times when the weariness showed. She is human. But the selflessness I saw in her was so beautiful. If I end up to be half the woman she is, I'd be lucky. 

What about you? Who impacted your life in 2013?