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On the 12th Day of Christmas...

Blog Challenge, Life LoveAnaleisa LathamComment

Christmas is coming!
Twelve days away!
I am beyond thrilled!

For the next Twelve days i'm giving myself a challenge.
A challenge to blog. 
Every. Single. Day.

While it doesn't seem like much, believe me, it will be a big accomplishment. 

My plan is to spend the next 12 days reflecting on 2013 so I have the 6 days after Christmas to plan for the New Year. Exciting things are coming in 2014 and I am determined to be ready!

12.13 Thankfulness
12.14 People
12.15 Successes
12.16 Failures
12.17 Lessons learned
12.18 Favorite memories
12.19 Favorite things
12.20 A tribute to Mammaw
12.21 Things that inspired 
12.22 Design
12.23 Best photos - part 1
12.24 Best photos - part 2