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About Me:
I'm a southern girl, born, raised and living in small-town Greenville, SC. I earned a degree in Communications in 2008 and also studied photography and design. My career path has wound its way through administrative work to marketing to design to retail and then back again to what I'm currently in: marketing and design.  I freelance a good bit as well - anything from wedding invitations to brochures, I've done and love to do it all!

A few years into all of this I met and married the most amazing man. We're living the good life together with our pup, Cooper.


About My Blog: 
Living Atelier began with two purposes: first as an outlet of self-expression and second as a memory book, of sorts. Life is flying by and I want to remember every part of it. I also, from time to time, enjoy sharing some of my freelance design projects here as well.

I'm doing my best to find inspiration in every day living, and I hope that by browsing my site and reading about my life and work you too will be inspired - and maybe even refreshed!

That's about me - and now I want to hear all about you!