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Reality strikes

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My view as we drive down the interstate this morning...


We're headed back to reality after a long weekend on Hilton Head Island with my parents - something we've done since I was 4 years old! Unfortunately my sister and her family couldn't join us so it wasn't quite the same but it was fun to introduce Elliott to this fun tradition and start making memories with him in tow!  

He's a dream traveller! Slept, ate, watched Baby Einstein and, for the most part, was so pleasant! 

We're driving back to snow and ice in Greenville. Most areas got several inches on Friday night and temps haven't reached thawing point yet! Can't wait to see what's left at our house! So I guess if reality has to strike (and it always does) it might as well be a snowy adventure!  

Happy 2017!

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Happy New Year from the Latham family! 

We spent almost the whole day just like this - on the couch just chilling. 

We did some work on our 2017 budget, I whipped up our annual "Christmas"-turned-New-Year card, and we all just enjoyed being together.

In the evening we had a quick visit from two of our favorite friends who just got ENGAGED last night! We've long referred to them as "Timily" (he's Tim, she's Emily) and I thought her Facebook post with the good news was just too cute!  

This happy news has been a long time coming, and I'm just so excited for them! 

After we put Elliott to bed for the evening I made some hot chocolate and we curled up on the couch together for a movie. What did we end up watching? Mulan! (Too funny; it was Steven's choice!)

This year is gonna be great!