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Happy 2017!

Analeisa LathamComment

Happy New Year from the Latham family! 

We spent almost the whole day just like this - on the couch just chilling. 

We did some work on our 2017 budget, I whipped up our annual "Christmas"-turned-New-Year card, and we all just enjoyed being together.

In the evening we had a quick visit from two of our favorite friends who just got ENGAGED last night! We've long referred to them as "Timily" (he's Tim, she's Emily) and I thought her Facebook post with the good news was just too cute!  

This happy news has been a long time coming, and I'm just so excited for them! 

After we put Elliott to bed for the evening I made some hot chocolate and we curled up on the couch together for a movie. What did we end up watching? Mulan! (Too funny; it was Steven's choice!)

This year is gonna be great!