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Say “cheese!”

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Elliott said “cheese” for the camera for the first time last night. It was for Granddad’s Nikon so, who knows, maybe he recognized it as a camera rather than us just taking pics with our phones all the time!  


I just can’t believe how much he’s turning into a little boy! They say it goes fast and you just have no idea what that means until you experience it!  

A few other things of late:

  • I’ve started teaching him how to dress himself as of just a few days ago
  • He LOVES to help. Laundry, trash, putting my shoes away, feeding the dog, picking up toys - whatever the task he’s always ready. 
  • He started some imaginative play recently with his stuffed animals: making them talk to each other, drink from his cup, tickling his bear. It’s just the cutest!  

Reality strikes

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My view as we drive down the interstate this morning...


We're headed back to reality after a long weekend on Hilton Head Island with my parents - something we've done since I was 4 years old! Unfortunately my sister and her family couldn't join us so it wasn't quite the same but it was fun to introduce Elliott to this fun tradition and start making memories with him in tow!  

He's a dream traveller! Slept, ate, watched Baby Einstein and, for the most part, was so pleasant! 

We're driving back to snow and ice in Greenville. Most areas got several inches on Friday night and temps haven't reached thawing point yet! Can't wait to see what's left at our house! So I guess if reality has to strike (and it always does) it might as well be a snowy adventure!